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                Shandong YAFEITE Metal Products Co.,Ltd . was founded in 1998, a large group company integrating R&D, production, processing, sales and international trade. YAFEITE is a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of abrasive media, lead product and steel ball, with high quality control in the processes of the product. In the abrasive industry, advanced production technology is the strong guarantee of good products. YAFEITE import the production machines from Germany EG09, using the most advanced intermediate frequency induction furnace, craft of centrifugal atomization granulation. The steel shot and steel grit are made with the process of secondary quenching, tempering, round selection, screening, packaging, being high qualified, strengthened, with long lifespan. The draft is unique in the RD field of steel shot and steel grit, especially in the field of small size metal abrasives, improved to 0.1mm. Strong research and design ability and pursuit effect first spirit establish a solid foundation for excellent YAFIT products.

                YAFEITE Company improves the quality of the products by the strictest evaluation standard. YAFIT invested heavily to import the USA Erwin fatigue life testing machine. Import German company SPECTOR direct reading spectrometer, for the abrasive elements of metal, quality reached the SAE American society of Automotive Engineers related standards. The product has passed a number of international quality certification:

                l  VDFI 8001 (standard developed by the German Association of the spring)

                l  DIN 8201-4 (German Industrial Standard)

                l  ISO 11124-1 (International Organization for Standardization)

                l  AMS 2431/3; AMS 2431 / 8A; MIL-S-13165 (US Aerospace Material Specification Standard)

                l  SAE-J441 (The US standard dynamic society of mechanical engineers) and (ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification)

                If the " Product quality decide YAFEITE service level", then the " global marketing network " is determine YAFEITE service breadth. After China's accession to the WTO in 2003, YAFEITE turn its main market to international market. Global marketing network all over Japan, Germany, England, America, France, and other important countries in the world. Let the whole world of different intercontinental and different needs of customers to enjoy a consistent quality, convenient metal abrasive purchasing experience.

                Quality is the top priority for enterprise development. Strictly control the quality of product is a consistent core idea for YAFEITE Group 18years of business development process. We take care of every detail to provide focused and personalized customer service. We carry out commercial and technical visits periodically in order to promote the objectives and goals of our clients. 


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